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Tangled: Before Ever After
2017 ‧ Fantasi/Komedi
Tangled: Before Ever After is a 2017 American 2D-animated musical fantasy direct-to-video television film released by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, that premiered on Disney Channel as a Disney Channel Original Movie. It takes place between the original Walt Disney Animation Studios film Tangled and the short Tangled Ever After, and serves as the pilot to Tangled: The Series. It was directed by Tom Caulfield and Stephen Sandoval. The film centers around Rapunzel’s adjustments to the life of a princess, and the mysterious return of her 70-feet of magical, golden hair. Wikipedia




Six months after the events of TangledRapunzel (Mandy Moore) is set to become the official Princess of Corona. However, on the day of her coronation ceremony, Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert (Zachary Levi), formerly known as Flynn Rider, riding Maximus and Fidelio, are out in the forest racing each other to the border wall with the Royal Guards in pursuit. Splitting up, two of the guards chase Eugene while the third pursues Rapunzel. Eugene and the Captain jump over a log as their horses go under, but the following guard’s horse does not do the same thing, and the guard falls to the ground. Rapunzel and Fidelio nearly run over a herd of rabbits, but manage to avoid treading on them. The guard following her, however, crashes into these rabbits. Eugene and Rapunzel regroup and together jump over a river. Rapunzel is the first to make it to the wall and climbs to the top where she sees on the other side a magnificent view of the land beyond the kingdom. Rapunzel desires to see what was out there and hopes to someday. After a while admiring the view with Eugene, the guards catch up and escort the two of them back to the castle for Rapunzel’s coronation ceremony.

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Mandy Moore
Laura Benanti
Julie Bowen
Zachary Levi
Clancy Brown


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