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Get More Money form Highest Payout Shorten Url 2017

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1. Link.TL is Network is another easiest and simple way to short your url and make money with those urls. Whenever a person clicks on your url then you will be paid some amount for it. The paid amount will depend on the country of the person. The rates differ for countries, the high paying countries are US, Australia, Canada and UK.’s headquarter in Turkey and Link.TL offers 40% referral commission which is very high in url shortener industry.

Payment Options:
Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $20
Minimum Payout: $5
Referral Commission: 40%
Payment Options: Paypal, Payza & Skrill
Payment Time : weekly is reliable company just short your link and share it with social media (Facebook and Twitter youtube) or with friends or website/blog you will earn good money is best url shortener because url is not banned in India, more views comes from india only and this is trusted url shortener. 
The payout rates from are the HIGHEST per 1000 VIEWS, the visitor need to Click “SKIP” button before getting forwarded to destination url. will pay you upto $10,88 for 1000 visitors and for referral you will get 20% commission.


Payment Options:
Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $14.04
Minimum Payout: $10
Referral Commission: 20%
Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer & WebMoney
Payment Time : Every Month 10th


3. Bc.Vc

It  is a modern Link Shortener ad network and one of the popular ad network in url shortener world, where publishers can earn good money in the easiest way, bcvc pays to share links on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and forum. so start shortening links and earn. Bc.Vc pays upto $14 for 1000 visits and you can also earn extra amount for referral program, referral rate is 20%, Bcvc’s minimum payout is $10 only which is very easy to earn and Bc.Vc pays it’s users by Net 7 basis, the payment option is PayPal.

Payment Options:
Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $14
Minimum Withdrawal : $10

Referral Commission: 20%
Payment Methods: Paypal
Payment Time : Net 7 or Weekly



Adfly is the another popular and trusted url shortener, adly is paying good rate almost every users of short url knows about this adfly company, adfly also has website widget and user can earn more with shocial media (facebook )using short url. will pay you upto $9 for 1000 visitors (for Interstitial ads) and for refferal you will get 20% commission.

Payment Options:
Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $9
Minimum Payout: $5
Referral Commission: 20%
Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer & Payza
Payment Time : Daily

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