Car Hits Jemaah Tarawih, British Prime Minister: It’s a Bad Incident



British Prime Minister Theresa May (Justin Tallis / AFP PHOTO)


London – Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May called the car incident crashing into the congregation back home in northern London as a bad incident. May’s PM prayed for the victims in this incident.

“This is a bad incident,” said May in a statement via email, as reported by Reuters on Monday (19/06/2017).

“My whole mind is on those who are wounded, loved ones and emergency workers at the scene,” he added.

This incident occurred outside the Finsbury Park Mosque, shortly after midnight, or Monday (19/6) early morning London time. A white van deliberately hit a crowd outside the mosque.

The Muslim Council of England (MCB) called the vehicle deliberately crashed into pilgrims who had just performed the Tarawih prayer. After bumping into the people, the perpetrator in the car came out and stabbed one of the men nearby. The so-called white man with black hair is secured by local residents in unison, before being arrested by the police.

Separately, Britain’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn admitted he was shocked by the incident that took place outside the Finsbury Park mosque on Monday (19/6) morning. “I’m really surprised at the incident at Finsbury Park last night,” said Corbyn who is the Chairman of the British Labor Party.

“My thoughts are with those who are affected by this terrible event,” he added.

Car Hits Jemaah Pulang Tarawih, British Prime Minister: It’s a Bad Incident

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