1 click Moving documents folder to another drive.

1 click Moving documents folder to another drive. Simple and just need 1 click in auto version. compatible with windows xp or newer. my dos command programs copying files and folders from the default folder documents location to D: or E: by changing registry setting of documents location . how the programs doing that? here I’ll show you how.

  1. First of all, my programs collecting operating system name. example winXP , win7, or win8.


    1 click Moving documents folder to another drive.

  2.  Collecting size information of the default folder documents location. this information is important because the programs need to know if the target folder is not enough. In winXP, usually people saving data file not just in the documents folder. but desktop folder is the second place for data. documents folder including download, music, pictures, and videos folder. so the programs collecting information in the documents and desktop folder. Different in winnt 6 (winvista , win7 or win8), there was 6 folder in the user personal. the folder is Desktop, Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, and Video. so in winNT 6 the programs is little bit more complicated.
  3. Auto choose the local drive. this command is necessary because documents folder need to move only to local drive, not to removable drive or optical drive.
  4. Manual choose is available in my script command, so you can choose the drive whatever you want. Auto choose will choose D: or E: if exist or if enough.
  5. Copying data file is ready after completing collect information. setting system attributes of folder is necessary because icon wont be show if not system.
  6. Verify copied data. compare the target folder and the source. if not equal, script will repeat copying file.
  7. Checking if exist IDM download folder, the programs will set registry setting of folder download IDM.
  8. 7. The last command is setting registry of folder in the   “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders”.

You can download my script from dropbox shared folder.

click the following link to download


download script


password if necessary

Thank you for reading my simple blog about 1 click Moving documents folder to another drive.

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